Fall Tips For Rental Property Maintenance

Fall Tips For Rental Property Maintenance

Orlando may not have the bitter cold winters or dramatic fall foliage that other regions get, but there are still some maintenance and prevention measures that should be taken care of in autumn. Take some simple steps to make sure your residential rental properties are in top shape before winter sets in.

Roof And Gutter Inspection & Cleaning

The beginning of hurricane season has probably made you aware of any roof leaks your properties may already have, but getting the roof inspected now (and repaired if necessary) can save you significantly in the long run. Make sure the roof and gutters are cleared of any leaves and twigs, and look for any type of growth like mold of lichens that can continue to cause damage as they grow. Spotting damaged shingles or tiles before they actually leak is a best-case scenario because it keeps your repair costs to a minimum.

Replace HVAC Filters

HVAC systems with clean filters run more efficiently and experience less wear and tear that shortens the life of your system. Getting clean filters in place before the colder months helps protect your equipment and your tenants’ comfort, and it also cuts the heating bill.

Chimney And Fireplace Maintenance 

If your properties have fireplaces, have the chimneys inspected before your tenants want to crank up their first cozy fire of the season. If you have wood-burning fireplaces, you may need to have the chimney cleaned, as well, for safe operation.

Outdoor Maintenance

Check that there are no tree branches that are touching, or likely to touch, the roof. Get them trimmed back as needed, because they can cause a surprising amount of damage when wind whips them against the roof.

Check decking, stairs, and walkways for any damage like loose or rotten boards, nails that need to be pounded back into place, or anything else that could be a tripping hazard. It’s also a good time to consider applying or re-applying non-skid coating to stair treads. Check railings to make sure they’re secure and in good repair, too, so they’re ready to help prevent accidental slips and falls during wet weather.

Economical Property Maintenance & Management

Belmont Management Group offers full-service property management in the Orlando area. Our maintenance and repair program offers economical property maintenance services, because of our volume agreements with service providers and vendors. Call or contact us online for a consultation and we’ll let you know how we can help your income properties provide you a better return today and in the future.


Note: Please keep in mind that this is mostly a summary of the important points, but by no means does it constitute or cover the entire topic of rental property maintenance.

Maintenance Tips For Orlando Property Management | Rental Property Managers

Maintenance Tips For Orlando Property Management

If you own rental homes in Orlando, property management probably takes a significant amount of time and attention on your part. Making a sound maintenance plan can help you plan your budget more effectively, build stronger relations with your current tenants, extend the useful life of things like flooring, and make it easier to fill vacancies faster.

Stay On Top Of HVAC Issues

Test the heat and air conditioning before it’s likely that the tenants will be using them extensively. It’s also a good time to change out air filters and ensure your tenants are keeping the vents clean. Discovering any problems with the HVAC system before it becomes an urgent need helps save you money on emergency service calls, and keeps your tenants comfortable and happy. Proper maintenance also helps extend the life of your furnaces and air conditioning units, so you’ll save money in the long run.

Check Out The Outdoor Spaces

Look for any trees that could break and fall during a storm, or damage the roofing by scraping on the roof in the wind. Keep an eye out for any trimming that may need to be done to prevent pests from making a home on your property, and don’t forget to look at outdoor lights that create a safer environment for tenants and their guests.

Roof Check

In early spring, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected, to make sure everything is secure and sealed before rain and winds arrive. Again, preventive maintenance is more cost-effective than emergency repair calls during a busy time. It’s also a good time to have rain gutters cleaned and downspouts checked out, so you don’t find a problem later, in the middle of a storm.

Keep Detectors In Working Order

Change the batteries in any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors at least once a year, and test each unit. While you have the covers off, make sure the interior of each detector is free of dust, spider webs, and other material that could cause the detector to malfunction later.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Property Profitable 

Staying on top of routine maintenance and taking care of repairs when they’re still relatively small helps you see the greatest profit from your investment property. For many owners, rigorous regular maintenance proves to be more of a time investment than they anticipated. Rental property managers in Orlando can help keep costs low while keeping these critical matters under control. Vacancy time is significantly reduced when properties are well-maintained, and tenant retention is better, too. To learn more about Orlando property management services, give Belmont Management Group a call or contact us online for a consultation.

Rental Property Management With 24/7 Property Maintenance & Repairs

Rental Property Management With 24/7 Property Maintenance & Repairs

If you own rental property in the Orlando area, management can be a serious drain on your time and energy. Especially when it comes to keeping on top of property maintenance and repairs, and fielding emergency calls from tenants at 3:00 a.m. When you work with a rental property management company like Belmont Management Group in Winter Park, you can forget about answering those middle-of-the-night calls. We provide 24/7 maintenance and repairs, and better still, we take an active role in keeping your property maintained, so there are fewer repair calls overall.

A Pound Of Prevention 

Because we systematically inspect each of our clients’ rental properties and deal with maintenance issues as they begin, we’re able to prevent small problems from becoming big emergencies. This proactive approach also ensures that each property is in best-possible condition at all times, so tenants are happier and tend to stay longer. Well-maintained properties are also easier to turn around faster between tenants, because there is only a short list of issues to take care of before your property is ready for new tenants to start paying rent.

An Ounce Of Cure

Of course, there are times and circumstances (we’re looking at you, hurricanes) where no amount of property maintenance will prevent the need for emergency repairs. When those situations arise, our maintenance team is on call 24 hours a day to take care of problems immediately, so your property damage is minimized, the property remains habitable in all but the most severe cases, and your tenants see that you take their welfare seriously. When things go wrong, we’ll be there to make them right again as quickly as possible.

Choose Proactive Rental Property Management

From Winter Park condos to Maitland houses, if you own rental property in the greater Orlando area, you can run that property more efficiently and cost-effectively by working with a proactive rental property management company. Belmont Management Group provides full-service management and property maintenance that keeps hassles and costs to a minimum for our clients. Call or contact us online for a consultation, and we’ll explain how rental property management helps you realize a better return on your property investment.