Steps to Handle an Eviction Process in Florida | Orlando Property Management Advice

Florida’s eviction process for nonpaying tenants is relatively standard. As a general disclaimer however, please keep in mind that your individual process may vary depending upon your tenant lease. Our Orlando property management team has outlined the most important points.

Serve The Three Day Notice

The Three Day Notice is the first step when processing an eviction. Your tenants should be given this warning if they fail to pay their rent after the pre-established grace period. The document will provide your tenants with three days, not including weekends and holidays, to either pay their rent, or vacate the property in question. You’ll usually hear from your tenants shortly after serving this notice, at which point they will attempt to pay, make special arrangements, or vacant the property.

Should you not hear from your tenants within the three-day period, we recommend that you offer them the opportunity to vacate on their own terms. While this exoneration may seem unusual, your priority is centered on regaining possession of your home as soon as possible. By presenting your tenants with the option to vacate, you’ll avoid substantial court costs and lengthy eviction periods.

File an Eviction in Court

If your tenant is not willing to vacate the property voluntarily, or if you are unable to receive a response from him/her, you will need to move forward with an eviction. The court takes between 15-20 days to process all necessary documentation, including the Three Day Notice, lease, and tenant ledger. The court’s issuance of a final eviction judgment will depend on the both the court and your local county, as well as wheFlorida Evictions – Orlando Property Management Advicether or not the tenant pushes back and fights the eviction. Court evictions may take anywhere from 20 to 25 days.

In brief, the three steps you will need to follow when handling an eviction are: first filing a Three Day Notice, secondly providing your tenants with an offer to vacate voluntary, and finally, filling an eviction with the court.

If you require additional information on evicting a nonpaying tenant, please contact us at Belmont Management Group in Winter Park, FL.